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Savvy & Mandy are one of the most purely authentic and talented young artists in the country pop genre today. Confident, fun and determined sisters, Savvy & Mandy have gone above and beyond to dedicate themselves to their art and craft. The two sisters have already built quite an impressive resume that rivals industry veterans. The girls’ have toured nationally, performed in the most renown clubs in Nashville, have their own radio show on Radio Disney Country and are releasing brand new music in 2018, including their anticipated new single, “Wildfire.”


Savvy & Mandy were born and raised in southern California, and have always had a shared love for music. At the ages of 9 and 11, they saw an audition notice for a new musical group being formed for girls ages 15 and up. Just wanting to have fun and gain audition experience, the girls’ decided to go for it. Little did they know that the directors would end up loving them together and decide to scrap the initial project to form a new project centered on them. The girls began songwriting and performing, going on tour and building a fan base across the country.


After gaining invaluable learning experiences about the music business, touring and songwriting music techniques, the sister’s felt a natural shift towards the country music genre. County music is known for its pure honesty, and painting the most beautiful and vivid stories. “We have always loved to write with that kind of truth and openness in every song we do, so pursuing country music was a no-brainer for us.” The sister’s decided to move to Nashville to immerse themselves in the culture and be surrounded by music 24/7. While in Nashville, the girls’ had the honor of writing and producing with some of the city’s finest, and have performed at many iconic clubs including The Bluebird Café, Douglas Corner, and The Listening Room.


Savvy & Mandy’s personalities and music caught the attention of Phil Guerini, the Vice President of Music Strategy for Disney Channels Worldwide and General Manager of Radio Disney Networks. Soon after meeting with the girls’, they were offered their own radio show on Radio Disney Country. They are the first artists to have their own show on the channel. More than just an entertainment show, the sister’s share their artistic opinions on a multitude of topics. “Never in our lives did we think we would be hosts of our own radio show! It has been such a fun, challenging journey learning the ropes and a whole different side of the industry. It has been very rewarding!”


The girls new single, “Wildfire”, is a perfect example of their dedication to the country genre and sticking to their mantra of promoting strong and confident women. When writing this song, the image of a fire blazing behind a fierce and resilient woman was imprinted in Savvy’s mind. “This song is all about being confident in yourself, and knowing who you are and what you want. It’s about saying to someone, ‘I know my faults and if you want to be apart of my life, this is who you're gonna get and you may get burned.’” The sister duo is excited to release their new EP later this year with original music that is empowering, relatable, and something to rock out to!


Savvy & Mandy’s passion for music, and their fans, is what drives them to continue making new music. “Our fans are incredible and have supported us non-stop since the beginning. We are beyond thankful to have that kind of support system standing beside us.” Savvy & Mandy chase their dream everyday and are knocking down the biggest doors in this industry. “Our main goal is to stay genuine to ourselves, our music and help empower others to go for their goals. We have a lot of stories to tell and we want to share them with the world.”

Savvy & Mandy currently reside in Los Angeles, California.





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